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More and more people are becoming the subject of domestic violence orders in Queensland and those numbers will continue to grow under strict laws.

What you may not realise is that it is not just your partner that can apply for a domestic violence order, the police have been given the power to apply for a protection order on behalf of the person who they believe to be a victim of violence.

A domestic violence protection order is designed to limit the behaviour of the person or people who are being violent. The order can also include other named people who may witness the violence, in particular children or relatives or anyone else named in the order.

Once an order is in place it usually lasts for 5 years and can prevent a person from approaching, contacting or locating another. If you are the respondent to an order and disobey any of the conditions that is considered a criminal offence and you can be charged by police.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or an application for a domestic violence order has been made against you it is crucial that you obtain legal advice. At Watling Roche Lawyers we are here to help you in difficult times and offer a FREE CONSULTATION so you have nothing to lose to find out the best way forward.

Please read the 10 Reasons to Choose Watling Roche Lawyers below to see why we are not your typical law firm and why clients trust our firm to handle their cases.

CALL, SMS or send your free online enquiry whenever you need us, we are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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You want to apply or change a Domestic Violence Protection Order

Application for a Temporary Protection Order or Domestic Violence Protection Order

Application to vary (change) a Temporary Protection Order or Domestic Violence Protection Order

You need to respond to an application for Domestic Violence Protection Order

How to respond to an application for Domestic Violence Protection Order

Apply to vary (change) a Domestic Violence Protection Order

Police have applied for a Domestic Violence Protection Order

You are the aggrieved in a police application for a Domestic Violence Protection Order

You are the respondent in a police application for a Domestic Violence Protection Order

Police have charged you

Contravention of Temporary Protection Order or Domestic Violence Protection Order

Choking, Suffocation, Strangulation

Sexual assault


1. Outstanding results2022-07-08T01:51:43+10:00

Watling Roche Lawyers has a proven track record of achieving outstanding results for our clients.

We work day and night to find the best legal path forward for each individual case. We will come up with a strategy that works for you and work tirelessly to have your charges dropped or downgraded. If there is a loop-hole we will find it!

Our firm is closely aligned with the best barristers in Queensland who have outstanding track record of winning cases in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.

If any of our clients choose to plead guilty we regularly achieve results of no conviction recorded and not further punished.

2. Fixed fees2022-07-08T01:59:22+10:00

We are not in the business of racking up expensive legal fees and surprising our clients at the end of their case.  Too often law firms do not disclose the full costs involved of their representation and their clients get a rude awakening when it comes to the end of their case and a legal bill that is well beyond what they expected or could afford.

We understand that legal representation is expensive so it is our priority to be up front about the costs involved and fix a fee that you can afford.  At Watling Roche Lawyers there will be no hidden fees and no nasty surprises when it comes to paying your legal fees.

3. Free consultation2022-07-08T02:04:17+10:00

A lot of law firms will not answer any of your questions until you have put money in their bank account. They will charge you just to find out whether you need legal representation.

For all matters we offer a free first consultation with a lawyer before you commit to anything. You do not need to spend a thing before deciding whether to engage a lawyer to represent you.


4. Most QLD courts2022-07-08T02:10:06+10:00

From Gympie down to the Gold Coast, a lawyer will attend most courts in Queensland.

5. Client satisfaction2022-07-08T02:16:33+10:00

We work around the clock to ensure our clients are happy with our services. For our firm, making money is all well and good but if it comes at the expense of client satisfaction we do not want a bar of it.

Watling Roche Lawyers is dedicated to our clients first and foremost. If you are not happy we are not happy. We genuinely care about you as our client and will bend over backwards until you are satisfied with our representation.


6. Available 24/72022-07-08T02:18:53+10:00

Not many firms are willing to go the extra distance and commit to their clients 24 hours, 7 days a week. We understand that your legal questions need urgent answers and that is why you can contact our firm at any time day or night.

7. Local knowledge2022-07-08T02:25:59+10:00

Our principal lawyer, Ryan Roche has developed and established relationships with all of the right people when it comes to handling court matters. No matter what the case is, at the end of the day it is people we are dealing with, whether it be the police, prosecutors, barristers, magistrates or judges. It is vital that you engage a lawyer that is familiar with the people involved in your type of matter i.e. has established relationships with the best barristers to defend you, the prosecutors who will be against you and the magistrates or judges that will decide your fate.

8. No work licence – No fee2022-07-08T02:29:14+10:00

We have 100% success rate with work licence and special hardship order applications. If we apply for a work licence or special hardship order on your behalf and you are not successful we will refund you in full!

9. Honesty2022-07-23T03:26:14+10:00

There are lawyers who will take on your case even though they know your chances of winning are extremely low. For them, you are just a number with a $ sign in front of it.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and we will do our very best to keep your costs down. If your chances of winning are low we will tell you so that you do not waste money with false hope. We are here to change the stigma on lawyers who we know have a reputation for being money-hungry vultures. That is not how we operate and it is about time people can find a lawyer they can trust.

10. Available at short notice2022-07-08T02:48:22+10:00

It is never too late to contact our firm. We are prepared to drop everything to make sure you are well advised before finalising your court matter. Even if it is the day before or the day of court do not hesitate to contact us as we are here for you whenever you need us.

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