Drink Driving Charge: But I was not driving!

Introduction Queensland is renowned for its stringent drink driving charge, aimed at promoting road safety. While most people associate drink driving offences with being caught behind the wheel while intoxicated, there are surprising ways one can still face charges even without being in control of a vehicle. In this article, we'll explore these scenarios and [...]

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Drug Driving Charge: Navigating Laws in Queensland

Queensland, known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and captivating coastline, is also home to some of Australia's strictest laws on drug driving charge. As the Sunshine State's highways and byways beckon, it's crucial to understand the unique and complex legal landscape surrounding drug driving in Queensland. Many individuals find themselves seeking legal representation to [...]

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Understanding Drug Driving Laws in Queensland

In the battle to ensure road safety, drug driving laws play a crucial role. Queensland has implemented stringent legislation to combat drug-impaired driving, recognising the significant risks it poses to motorists and pedestrians alike. In this article, we delve into the unique aspects of drug driving laws in Queensland, exploring the legal framework, testing procedures, [...]

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How to Beat a Drink Driving Charge?

Being charged with a drink driving offence in Queensland can have serious consequences. However, it is important to remember that individuals facing such charges have the right to mount a strong defence. In this article, we explore effective strategies to challenge a drink driving charge in Queensland. By understanding the legal process, gathering evidence, and [...]

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DUI case: Can I Represent Myself?

The short answer is “Yes, you can!” act for yourself in a DUI case. To represent yourself in a Queensland court is a right. However, it may or may not be the best option, especially when you face a lengthy licence disqualification, a conviction being recorded, large fine and potential jail time. DUI Self-Representation is [...]

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How to Get a Work Licence After a DUI

The issuing of a work licence is a provision under Queensland legislation (Section 87 Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995), which allows a person convicted of drink driving (or driving with drugs present in their system) to drive only for work purposes during their period of licence disqualification. No matter what anyone might tell [...]

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Driving with medical marijuana in your system

Can you drive with medicinal cannabis/marijuana in your system? The answer is both yes and no, and it depends on whether you have consumed cannabidiol (CBD) medication or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) medication and most importantly whether your ability to drive has been impaired. Medicinal cannabis or marijuana has been growing in popularity to treat many [...]

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Are you eligible for a Special Hardship Order?

If your licence is suspended but you need to keep driving, such as for work, you may be eligible to apply for a special hardship order. A special hardship order is a court order that allows a driver with a suspended provisional or open licence to continue driving under restricted and specific conditions. Note: [...]

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What happens at court?

Going to court can be frightening. The problem for many people is that they are not familiar with what happens at court. There is a process to follow and the last thing anyone wants is to make a fool of themselves in front of a Magistrate or Judge. After all, what you choose to [...]

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Are you eligible for a work licence?

If you are found guilty of drink or drug driving you will be disqualified from driving for a certain period of time. The law states that you must be disqualified from driving for a minimum period of time before you can drive again. The Magistrate cannot overrule the minimum disqualification periods, however there are [...]

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